Grand Mayan Reposado

Grand Mayan Reposado is aged in ex-American whiskey casks for 6 months and finished in ex-Cognac barrels for an additional 2 months (for a total of 8 months resting in barrels). It’s smooth for sipping, full on the palate and leads into a layered and delicious long finish.


The Reposado bottle stands out for its unique beauty, with 24K gold applique applied by hand.

Tasting Notes
● Sweet cooked agave ● Oak ● Dark chocolate

40% ABV  |  750 ml and 1.75 l sizes  |  8 months aged

Craft a Very Special Cocktail


Grand Mayan Tequilas can be found and enjoyed at bars, restaurants, and retail stores near you, as well as purchased online via Drizly.